Beautiful S & Family | Maternity Photography | Aldergrove BC

I had the super awesome M family in my studio yesterday! I call them super awesome, because I can.  They have been friends of our family for a long time and I was so excited to photograph the beautiful belly of S!  In a few more weeks their third baby will arrive and the little one has some very loving big brothers anxiously waiting for him or her!  

They boys practiced their baby belly snuggles before their session! 

These last 2 are my favs from the session!

Thanks for coming over guys! It was so fun to see you again! I’m glad you thought the session stress and pain free! ;) 

Little N | Cake Smash Photography | Aldergrove BC

Saturday was little N’s 1st birthday!  To celebrate, his Mom and big Sissy brought him over for a cake smash session! N is a shy guy so we started off with a couple portraits to get him comfortable.  How sweet is this image!!?!  I love it so much!!  He looks exactly like his Mommy!  

IMG_0099_0014 a web.jpg

N’s big sis was very eager to see what her little brother would do with his cake and of course, so was I.  He wasn’t really sure what to do with the cake so we started with tears. I’m use to ending the session in tears, not beginning. But after a quick lesson from Mom, N was curious about his cake and the tasting began!  This super cute cupcake cake came from Frostings Cupcakery in Langley. 

IMG_0123_0038 web.jpg

IMG_0135_0050 web.jpg

I love his little tongue sticking out in this one!

IMG_0155_0070 web.jpg

IMG_0168_0083 web.jpg

IMG_0186_0101 web.jpg

IMG_0195_0110 web.jpg

IMG_0210_0125 web.jpg

Look at those chubby legs!  

IMG_0217_0132 web.jpg

IMG_0221_0136 web.jpg

While there were tears at the beginning and end, I think the middle was very much enjoyed by little N!  

Thanks to S and C for bringing N over on Saturday! It was great fun! 

Also a thanks to Matthew Hawkins from Silver Screen Tots for coming by and filming the session.  I hope to show you all what happens when we combine our talents together!!  Its going to be awesome! So stay tuned! 

Little E | Cake Smash Photography | Aldergrove BC

Tomorrow is little E’s first birthday! To celebrate his Mom and Dad brought him over this afternoon for a cake smash session! I say this all the time but I really do love these sessions.  They are unpredictable and that’s what makes them so fun!  
The giant cupcake cake was super cute and E even shared a taste with me!  It came from Frosting Cupcakery in Langley! 

Now onto the pictures,  there are quite a few!! 

We started with a couple cute portraits!  Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Now onto the cake!!  

The cake rolled quite well!  E rolled it all over the back drop!

I love this one! Flying cake!

This was the last picture, notice how clean E’s face is!  No tasting today :) 

What was left of that sweet cake.  E smashed it quite nicely!

Thanks M family for coming over today! I hope you enjoy your sneak peaks and have a great birthday party E!!

Humming Bird |Nature Photography| Aldergrove BC

My Dad loves birds!  He has many feeders in his yard and spends hours taking photographs of all the winged creatures that stop by.  We were over there the other night sitting out back and were surprised at how closely these beautiful little hummers got to us for their evening snack.  If you listen, you can track them and they are pretty loud.  
Hummingbirds are hard to photograph and its even more difficult to get ever part of them frozen in motion.  Here are a few that I managed to take before they tucked in for the night.  

Buttercups & Bubbles | Family Photography | Aldergrove BC

 I met with the K family on Saturday morning at the home for a family session.  I have to tell you it was one of the most funI’ve had at a family session!  You may recognize the girls from a session I did with them last year.  This time, there were no M&Ms up the nose, just lots of giggles, hugs and laughs!   

I had such a hard time choosing the images for this post and I know Michelle has been waiting patiently all weekend, so here you go, I loaded up on the images for you!!   Enjoy!!  

KelherBlog7.jpg KelherBlog.jpgKelher Blog a.jpg




Alliums and Rain | Aldergrove Photography

Well it was bound to happen, this week + of sunshine came to an end last night with a great down pour. While the rain was nice to listen to, all snuggled up in bed with the windows open, come morning, I want the sun back!

I had a dry chance this afternoon to take some shots of the alliums growing in my parent’s backyard.  The wee stem hold the water droplets so nicely.  I love how all these small individual flowers can make up on huge beautiful purple ball!

Teresa and Allan |Second Shooting| Vancouver Wedding Photography {PART 2}

On May 1st I had the pleasure of second shooting with Audra Colpitts from Audra’s Photography. Not only was this the first time I shot with Audra, but it was the first time Audra had EVER had a second shooter! I was honoured to be her first!  With a wedding at the Holy Rosary Cathedral and a bride with a 13 foot long train, Audra had a shot in mind that she wanted, and I was lucky to get a bird’s eye view from the choir loft to get it for her! Awesome!

I have never been to the Cathedral before but have admired it every time I passed. I was so excited to go inside and see the amazing architecture and beautiful stained glass. It was amazing!


These beautiful children were so well behaved the whole day, the ceremony was long but they were excellent! Way to go guys!!


After the ceremony we headed to Stanley Park for a quick formals session. The day was gorgeous! I loved Teresa’s veil and so did the wind! Audra was at the other end of the veil trying to tame it!


Thank You so much Audra for having me along to shoot with you! Allan and Teresa, your wedding was beautiful and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Teresa and Allan |Second Shooting| Vancouver Wedding Photography

Here is a little sneak peak of a wedding I second shot with Audra Colpitts of Audra’s Photography on May 1st.  

I am trying some new blog collages as well, so I wanted to see what this one would look like.  Aren’t these girls cute!!?!  Like little cherub angels! 

Kate | Head Shot Photography | Abbotsford BC

 Kate’s face may be familiar to you, I photographed her family back in October. On Friday I went over to Kate’s Hair Studio to take some head shots for her up coming website.

Kate is a fabulous hair dresser, she’s also my hair dresser! She has been doing my hair for years now and she is looking to add a new branch to her business, Bridal Hair Dos!! So, if you are getting married this year or in the future, she would be happy to do your hair! Kate has a large portfolio of gorgeous up-dos and the albums to prove it!

IMG_0037_1008 web.jpg IMG_0056_1026.jpg IMG_0121_1092 bw web.jpg IMG_0144_1114 web.jpg IMG_0163_1133 bw web.jpg


April '10_0744 a web.jpg 

 Normally a winter blooming plant, I was surprised when I saw my Amaryllis plant blooming a couple weeks ago.  It gave my 4 beautiful pinky white blooms, the most I have seen from this plant I have had for a good 4 years.  So I didn’t really care that it was blooming in the off season. 

April '10_0802 a web.jpg


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